How to replace an oil pressure sensor switch on a 2005 2.4L Chrysler PT Cruiser

How to replace an oil pressure sensor switch on a 2005 2.4L Chrysler PT Cruiser

What you need to replace an oil pressure sensor on a 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser:

A pair of jack stands
A jack to lift the car
Chrysler PT Cruiser 5149098AA Oil Pressure Switch Genuine 5149098AA Oil Pressure Switch
1/2-Inch Drive 27mm deep socket
1/2-Inch Drive ratchet
A 1/2-Inch universal joint
Eventually a 1/2-Inch drive extension bar
15mm wrench

A defective oil pressure sensor switch may cause an oil leak. The oil light may come on and a P0522 error code can be read on your OBD-2 scan tool.

You can replace this sensor without draining oil.

You need to lift your car onto jack stands.

PT Cruiser sur chandelleLet your engine cool off before working under your car because the oil sensor switch is hard to reach and you could burn your skin.

Go under your car and try to find the oil sensor switch. It’s located to the left of the oil drain plug behind some electrical harness:

Position du capteur de pression d'huile sur un PT Cruiser 2.4L essenceIn the next picture, you can see the sensor connector:

Position du capteur de pression d'huile sur un PT Cruiser 2.4L essenceWith the 15mm wrench, remove the harness support (white arrow on the next picture):

Dévisser le support du faisceau de câble pour libérer un peu d'espaceYou will have you more room to reach the oil sensorPosition du capteur de pression d'huile sur un PT Cruiser 2.4L essenceTo get the wiring off, you need to slide the red clip (as show in the next picture):

Chrysler PT Cruiser Oil Pressure Warning Light

You can push on the connector and get the wiring off:

Chrysler PT Cruiser Oil Pressure Warning Light

You can now use the 27mm deep socket to remove the sensor. Not so much room to work, so you may use a universal joint and eventually an extension bar.

Reinstall the new sensor in reverse order of removal.

Lower your car and start the engine to check if everything is ok.

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  1. Your instructions do not give a psi torque setting for the installation. And should Teflon tape be used to reinstall??

    • I fact, I did not use a torque wrench. Neither Chilton nor Haynes says anything about the torque specs. I tried not to overtighten.

      On my 5149098AA Oil Pressure Switch, teflon tape was already set. If your sensor does not have teflon, you should add some.

      Best Regards


  2. Sounds so easy but I’m struggling to get more than 1 finger on the contact to remove from it off thr switch. Guessing thinner forearms & smaller hands are required.

  3. Hi, i just changed the sensor of my 2003 PT California Edition, 2.4L 16V
    Don’t forget to use a 1-1/16 deep socket and a bar. The new sensor already has teflon gasket

    • No if we are not illuminate the check engine will only illuminate the oil pressure light as well as giving audible chime looks like a little red oil lamp

  4. Hello the torque setting is 21 Nm (190 in.lbs) according to the vehicle service manual. However if you screw in the switch by finger until you can, you can give a 1/4 turn more with key to tighten the switch, it’s suffice.
    Also the switch could be found on Ebay for about 15/20 Euros, shipment included.

  5. Adding to my previous message:
    this switch controls the oil low pressure warning lamp, there is another oil check unit in the engone, it is a pressure sensor, it has three pins connector, (the oil pressure switch has only two pins), buy it does not control the warning light.

    • Use a 90 degree, pick tool, like a dentist uses on your teeth, and slide the red tab out as far as it goes. When you do that, it releases the green tab, allowing it to be pressed inward. When you press it in, it releases off of a little wedge of plastic on the sending unit that holds the green plug in place. When pressing it in, use a flat head screwdriver under the green plug, twist it slightly as you push in the tab, to slide the plug off of the sending unit.
      I just did this on my pt yesterday…it didn’t go so easy for me. When I slid the red tab over, it was brittle from the heat, and snapped off and fell on the ground. With that out of the way, I pressed on the tab on the green plug…it too snapped off and fell to the ground. So I used the dental pick tool, about 1/4″ from the base of the green plug, where the tab broke off, wiggled it under the part of the tab that holds it to the sending unit, twisted the screwdriver as stated above and the green plug popped right off. I hope this makes sense to you, if not right now, it will once you get under there and start the removal process. Good luck, and have patience with it…you’ll get it off.

      • The red tab and green part snapped the same as yours did when attempting to remove the sending unit. Did you repair or replace these peices pr just drive it as is?

  6. I just finished doing this job from the top. I unbolted and moved the fuse holder block out of the way. I was able to easily? get to the sensor and once oil was dabbed away I could see the red tab and grasp the finger latch. Going from the bottom just seemed way too difficult to reach.

    • Mister2 tim Thank you so much! I was struggling trying from the bottom top side etc. Took loose the fuse and you could reach it easy. 15 minute job. Thanks again for your help.

    • thank you for your insight…
      i have stuff all experience of working on pt cruisers and i managed to go in over the top and changed mine out today with huge success.. highly appreciate this forum

  7. I just did this on my 2007. The red tab was missing on the connector, so someone had been there before me. I did this from the top: removed the top of the air cleaner, the engine cover (just pops off) and the rubber pipe between the air cleaner and the throttle body. Then just reached down, pulled the connected and put the socked with 2″ extension on the sensor. It was pretty tight, but came out just fine. New one went in until it was tight and then popped the connector on. Took about 20 minutes total.

  8. It was a 1″ deep well socket for the one I removed and installed. Not a 27mm. Also I reached and changed it from the top and not the bottom. Was about a fifteen minute job to replace the oil pressure switch.

  9. My 2006 Cruiser Conv Turbo smells strongly of oil under acceleration when the cabin fan is on. No evidence of oil leaks anywhere. Just had the turbocharger replaced and it had oil inside it when they took it off. Any ideas?

  10. 2003 pt cruiser limmited

    The check engine light requires 2 fault codes in order for it to come on. Also i want to mention that when your stranded and you try to start your car and you turn the key several times it does not start the motor it does not even turn over if in fact you continue to try to the start position multiple times eventually it’ll go into a fault and start the car usually that takes about 30 attempts to start the motor and then the system will act normal typically when security light comes on and stays on it will start three to five times and shut off within 3 seconds after that occurs continue to try turning the key to the start position and eventually the car will start and drive. I would also like to bring up another issue that occurred for me and my 2003 limited PT Cruiser non-turbo I would also like to bring up another issue that occurred for me and my 2003 limited PT Cruiser Ramon turbo it went into limp mode which means it went into second gear and would not change gears it wouldn’t doubt if in the first and it wouldn’t shift out of 2nd in 2/3 well after reviewing all the information on youtube I pulled the sensor the shift sensor which is right underneath the battery essentially to the right of it if you’re facing the rear the car I remove the sensor I noticed that there were several metal shavings attached to the end of it it’s a magnetic sensor so the metal shavings Bob lock the ability for it to read the magnet I remove the metal shaving from the sensor reinstalled the sensor start the car put it in drive and the car shifted normally and it has not gone into limp mode since I cleaned the sensor if you want to ask me a question I’m a very experienced mechanic on PT Cruisers you can reply to this message and I will do my best to answer your question in a timely manner

    • Will a bad oil pressure sensor cause car not to start it’s an 06 pt 2.4 dohc

  11. For me I used a deep socket that was a 27mm or a 1-1/16″ Diameter socket.

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